MATERIAL | Commitment to materials


The bullion uses K18 gold and PT platinum suitable for jewelry products. As for white gold, palladium is used instead of nickel, and materials that are less likely to be allergic are carefully selected.

18K stands for KARAT (carat) and means mass, and the gold content contains 75%pure gold and 25%of mixtures other than gold.

Money began to be used in the 3000s BC and has been widely loved as decorations and money, from ancient Egypt and Asia.

It is a symbol of richness and wealth, and is now a common standard for assets.

Natural diamond Surat

MITURE's diamonds use diamonds regularly imported from India Surat.

Diamond Market Surat near Mumbai, India is a city with many diamond polishing and buyers.

The quality is carefully selected from the SI class*1 to match the items.

The cost of the diamond clarity*2 is thoroughly selected and purchased directly to achieve low cost.

*1 SI class: Classes that are difficult to find with the naked eye
*2 Clarity: Transparency of diamonds


Akoya Pearl chooses beautiful Ise -Shima from Japan, which is raised every year.

The brightness of pearls grown in the beautiful sea in Japan is reminiscent of the sparkle and beauty of the sea.