Information on customization and after-sales service

At MITURE, we offer customization and after-sales service that gives you peace of mind before and after your purchase.

We offer repair and customization services to meet your various requests, such as "the size has changed over the years," "I want to change the length of the chain," "I want to put a special engraving or stone for a gift," and so on.
We can do this before or after your purchase, so please take advantage of this service.


Ring size repair Estimated price 2000 yen ~
Deformation/Distortion Estimated price 2000 yen ~
Chain breakage repair Estimated price 1000 yen ~
Stone dislodged Estimated price 1000 yen ~ 


Ring Inscription Estimated price 1500 yen ~ 

Add stone inside the ring

Estimated price 1500 yen ~ (The amount varies depending on the type and size of the stone.)
Create one earring We also accept one-sided sales. When shopping, please inquire in the remarks column that you wish to purchase a half pair, and we will provide you with a quote for making a half pair.
If you have lost the stone or pearl, we may ask you to send us a photo of one of the stones or the real one to make sure the colors are the same.
Change from pierced earrings to earrings There are types such as normal spring type, special silicon type that is hard to hurt.
If you can contact the earrings in the remarks column, as well as after purchasing, as well as shopping, we will estimate the metal fittings. Please feel free to contact us.
Pierce post size change We usually use a 0.7mm thick post. If you would like a thicker size than usual, please contact us. We can of course create a post with a different thickness if you inquire in the remarks column before or after your purchase.
Change chain length We will make suggestions based on your requests for chain length specification, thickness, etc.
We can also change normal chains or change the chains of parts such as pierced earrings.
Creation of Certificates of Identification We will prepare a certificate of authenticity for diamonds, colored stones, and pearls upon request. The certificate must be prepared prior to purchase.
The certificate will be issued by "JGGL (Japan-Germany Gemological Laboratory)".
Approximate price: from 2,500 yen for A5 size
Grading Report/ Diamond Appraisal Since diamond grading reports must be prepared in advance in loose form (i.e., not fastened to a frame before becoming a product), we are unable to prepare a certificate from your product. A certificate of authenticity will be charged separately, so if you need one, please inquire in the remarks column when you place your order.
It will take longer than usual to deliver the certificate, but it can be prepared and delivered with the product.
The certificate will be issued by "CGL (Central Gemological Laboratory)" or "JGGL (Japan-Germany Gemological Laboratory)".
Diamonds of 0.1 ct. or more are eligible.
Estimated price: from 4,000 yen for A4 size
About diamond upgrade If you want a high-grade diamond, please contact us. An additional charge will be charged separately, but we will estimate by your desired grade.


* Customized and after -sales service of products from other stores is basically not available.
* Our product is an appropriate sales price that cuts the middle cost online, so the after -trip service will be borne by the after -sales service.
* The gold varieties handled in our shop are SV, K18YG/PG/WG, PT900, PT950 (including some PT850), and K10 materials. Please note that it cannot be changed for gold varieties that are not handled.

Delivery time

Estimated delivery time for basic customization and after-sales service products is around 1~3 weeks. Special processing may take about 1 month. If you are in a hurry, please specify an approximate date and we will do our best to accommodate you.